Naked babe plays with Geisha balls

  • geisha 225x300 Naked babe plays with Geisha balls

    See this model playing with her geisha balls

    This hot brunette model definitely does something that will turn you on. She signed up for a full nudity photoshoot by our friend Didider Carré and got herself shot playing with geisha balls. What do you say? You don’t know what geisha balls are? Let me educate you a little bit : geisha balls are little balls, hold together by a string. They are in fact an erotic toy for women. The girl has to bring the balls, one for one, in her vagina and then go on with her day. The movement of the balls give her a very special feeling icon wink Naked babe plays with Geisha balls It also trains her muscles down there, so she’ll be even more capable of giving a guy what he needs. See it for yourself in the gallery.

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  • Louisa’s perky natural titties

  • louisa 200x300 Louisas perky natural titties

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    Our model for today is Louisa. A blond amateur babe with great natural perky titties. Breasts aren’t the only assests this girl has : just look in her eyes and you’ll notice those big dark lookers. And off course there’s the rest of her body, with a beautiful shaven pussy to top it off. This is clearly a girl that loves to spend some time to keep herself in good shape. Her shoot kind of focusses on her athletic body and her rather small titties work just fine with that image. I bet she loves to go out with no bra or panties, simply because she doesn’t need any. Imagine that you’re talking to this chick in the bar and while she whispers something in your ear, you can see just a little bit of that lovely pink nipple…

    Amateur model Louisa in a full nudity photoshoot

  • Are Kate Upton’s Boobs Fake?

  • Lots of men have brought up the question about Kate Upton’s boobs recently. They’re wondering if her boobs are fake due to the fact that they appear to have grew a cup size or two over the pat few years, and normally that doesn’t exactly happen for most women. Speculation has it that she has gotten a boob job done, but nobody can confirm nor deny it and she won’t do that, either. There isn’t much certainty regarding why Kate won’t reveal whether she’s gotten a boob job done or not. We’ve decided that the best thing Kate can do for herself is to go ahead and go topless, release a few photos that show her boobs so we can all decide whether they are really real or if they’re fake now. If she doesn’t give up some topless photos so men all around the world can see for themselves whether her boobs are real or not, she’s going to be denying all of these men some simple knowledge, and that’s not something that any person should do, let alone a celeb. Maybe with due time she’ll give up some Kate Upton topless photos, but for now, everyone’s just going to have to deal with what they currently know.

  • Veronica Rayne shows off her assets in Keeping it up for the KardASSians

  • big 24 200x300 Veronica Rayne shows off her assets in Keeping it up for the KardASSians

     Veronica Rayne in Keeping it up for the KardASSians

    At Hot Model Boobs we love Hustler and their parodies. Especially when they got babes like Veronica Rayne starring in them. Veronica and her large hooters play a big part in Keeping it up for the KardASSians. You can guess for yourself what show they imitating. “From glamour and glitz to jizz on their tits”. Is that funny or not? We think it is.

    About Veronica. This MILF is a pornstar that has been around the block, but she’s still damn hot. Her large hooters will get you going anytime. Just check her out her natural smile and the fun she has in her scenes and you know what i’m talking about.

    Veronica in Hustler’s premium nude gallery

  • Lindsay Marie models her killer body and boobs

  • 07 300x200 Lindsay Marie models her killer body and boobs

    Lindsay Marie gets wild and naked

    Blonde bombshell Lindsay Marie is well known for her killer body. Her curves got her into a succesfull modelling carreer and she couldn’t ignore the question for a nude shoot, posed to her by one of the major magazines. Penthouse was the one that got her gorgeous body in front of the camera.

    Lindsay is a 21 year old natural blonde that loves her job as a model. She claims to love cooking, graphic design and art. This drop dead babe calles herself a “multi talented model” icon smile Lindsay Marie models her killer body and boobs I can only imagine what she means by that. But let’s not forget that this is a boob site and you should focus on the woman’s tits.

    Lindsay Marie fully nude with rock hard nipples

  • Sexy Valerie Cormier and her silicone balloons

  • 10490gg 61 199x300 Sexy Valerie Cormier and her silicone balloons

    Valerie Cormier in a full nudity shoot

    Can you say silicones? It is indeed hard to look past the fact that Valerie Cormier’s tits are artificial. I’m not here to judge you or Valerie’s boobs, but i still love watching them. Silicones or not. We could start a discussion about how these kind of balloon tit jobs are not done, but Hot Model Boobs loves all centerfolds and playmates. Silicones or not.

    Sexy blonde Valerie got asked by Playboy’s Busty Babes and she was very eager to pose in this very tight white lingerie. Her 38C boobs are, to say the least, yummy and round. This chick loves riding motorcycles. Can you imagine her in a tight leather crashsuit? Now click the link to see her pics with and without underwear.

    Valerie Cormier and her big tits at Playboy’s Busty Babes